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About Me

Hello, I'm Nghi. I'm a McGill graduate with a major in Computer Science and Biology and a minor in Mathematics. I'm interested in data science, especially the applications of deep learning in the healthcare domain.
Besides working on my projects, you can find me playing chess (mostly bullet and blitz) or writing stories about machine learning/deep learning in my spare time.

My areas of interest:

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My Latest Projects

Kaggle Competition: EDA HuBMAP + HPA - Hacking the Human Body

KYMN-Mental Health Chatbot Powered by AI

Time Trends and Predictions of Mental Health and Suicide Rates based on Socioeconomic Indicators



Time trends and predictions of mental health and suicide rates based on so- cioeconomic indicators from 2000 to 2019

Nghi Huynh, Yuan Hong

Keywords: Socioeconomic indicators, Mental health, Suicide rate, Clustering, Time series prediction


CoAID: Detecting Misleading Information Using Deep Learning Models

Nghi Huynh

Keywords: Infodemic, COVID-19, Misinformation detection, Deep Learning, NLP

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